We see the care and preservation of our magnificent natural and cultural landscape for future generations as an elementary part of our business. This includes, on the one hand, regional partnerships and, on the other, the careful use of the environmental resources available to us.

In 2002 our oil heating was replaced by a heat pump. In simple terms, the heat pump is an inverted refrigerator that heats rather than cools. The “cold heat”, e.g. from groundwater (approx. 10°C), is converted into “warm heat” (up to 65°C) by a thermal process. This process is driven by an electric compressor.

The heat pump is particularly environmentally friendly if, for example, groundwater or waste heat is used as a heat source. Then more than four times the electrical energy to be expended is obtained from the earth or waste heat for heating. This means a carbon dioxide saving of at least 50%. Primary energy savings of over 30% are achieved.

The large heat pump with 125 kW heating capacity provides heating and hot water for the hotel and restaurant. Groundwater is piped from the station forecourt to the heat pump at a depth of 30 m via a pipeline approximately 100 m long. There, thermal energy is extracted from it and the water is cooled by approx. 4°C. This is then returned and re-injected into the groundwater approximately 20 m from the extraction point.

The small heat pump with 10 kW supports the large heat pump in heating and water heating.

In order to have enough hot water for showering and bathing or even in our kitchen during peak times, both heat pumps continuously feed the generated heat into 3 large hot water tanks. These reservoirs each have a capacity of 1000 liters.

In 2014, the heat pump system was replaced by a CHP, since then we produce electric power, which we use completely in the house. Unused electricity is fed into the public grid. This covers a good 40% of the total annual electricity demand. A structural change made it possible to use the waste heat from aggregates of all cooling systems to heat the water supply. converted. The existing groundwater well we since the conversion to cooling the meeting rooms and lobby area.

We also pay attention to short transport routes when purchasing goods. Absolute freshness and controlled quality are the other benefits that come from regional partnerships.

Revitalized water through Grander technology. Grander technology is a transfer of information. Nothing is added to or taken from the water. The technology enables the water to redevelop lost properties. By restoring the original order and stability of the

internal structure of the water. Enhanced self-cleaning power, increased solubilizing power, great tasting food, savings on detergents and cleaning agents, improved plant growth and floral splendor.

The next „green building block“ with regard to sustainability in our company is to reduce the consumption of energy, water and cleaning agents.

For stays of several days we offer in the future a “Green Rate”, you have the opportunity to make a further contribution to resource conservation by booking this rate.

A survey of 2000 guests showed an approval of the “green rate” of 91.7%.

The next measure planned is the installation of a photovoltaic system to heat the domestic water for hotel operations.

Renewable energy certificate

With our renewable energy we contribute to an annual saving of approx. 32,811 kg CO2 compared to the German electricity mix

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